MLB considering life ban for A-ROD

MLB considering life ban for A-ROD

According to sources, major league baseball official may begin to consider a lifetime ban for Yankee’s shortstop, Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez would join the short list of players to receive this extreme punishment.

Does Alex Rodriguez deserve to be banned from major league baseball? I think would could make a case either way, but I am going to argue the side that yes, Alex Rodriguez should receive a lifetime ban. Here is my reasoning:

First off, it seems like Alex Rodriguez’s name has been brought up in every steroid testing or any type of human grown hormone test since his rookie year. When he tests positive for these steroids, he looks people in the face and denies it. What is that called again? Its called a liar. Its not someone you want on your team or a part of the biggest and most successful organization in baseball.

Secondly, the Yankee’s are an image as much as they are a professional baseball team. Like I just said, they are the biggest name in baseball and one of the biggest names in all of professional sports. They play in the bright lights of New York City, they have A LOT of money, and they are usually one of the best teams in the American League. Alex Rodriguez is not someone I would want to use to market my team. A-rod is going to need ear plugs when he steps into the batters box at opposing fields. The boo’s and insulting language will even come from the soccer mom’s. Mom’s don’t like liars and they especially don’t like cheaters.

Third, Its time for Bud Seilg to stand up for himself. He has called the past decade some of the darkest years in baseball history. With more steroid users popping up by the day, Selig has had is work cut out for him. Selig has handed out 50-100 game bans to players in the past but honestly, who cares about a 50 game ban. Not the players. If they were frightened by the thought of being suspended, steroids wouldn’t still be an issue. Look, these guys make millions of dollars a year. They are fine spending a month on the beach with their families when their team is out of playoff contention. Its not a big deal for them. If Bud Selig steps up and places a lifetime ban on Alex Rodriguez, the message will be sent. He’s got to stop playing around with this. If he wants to change the game for the better he needs to make a statement. Ban Alex Rodriguez from major league baseball.


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